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mercoledì 30 dicembre 2015

My favorite T-shirts on FashionMia

You can not think that there is anyone who does not own a t-shirt. And 'universal, indispensable in our closet, born casual and become in time an element of trend, sophisticated materials, in print, in its being characterized, while faithful to the simplicity of its essence, true to its origins.
Here i want to show you my favorite t-shirts from FashionMia, though my personal selection!

(Click on every single pic, to get more info about the product)


The T-shirt was born without incurring a coded representation of the sexes, but along the way it becomes, in its simplicity, a leader capable of expressing femininity. White or ennobled by quality materials, prints, or even extravagant, embellished with studs or sequins. It 'so easy to nature that you can dare, secure a result which is always guaranteed. Born soft, learns to value the female form, is shortened to discover parts of the skin. Enjoy a wide collection of T-shirts and match it as you choose, simply clicking here .
 Choose solid colors, pastel colors to enhance, for example, prints by the strong personality of the Turkish trousers and complete your look with a pair of heels breathtaking. Choose your t-shirt cut soft for a long skirt down to her feet and a pair of sandals precious and downs, or search among the valuable proposals, that do not go unnoticed, to match them with miniskirts.

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