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domenica 17 maggio 2015

Tidestore Woman accessories

Accessories are the elements that more than anyone else know how to tell the character of the wearer and give personality to look even more basic. Obsession for all fashion addicts who do not have enough, are actually essential for every woman, and at the same time define their style. Whether jewelry or watches for women, scarves, hats or sunglasses: no you do not use at least one of these objects. And who decides to give it up!
From wallets to belts, passing through rings, earrings and bracelets Tidestore can find this and much more to give a special touch to your look. Focus on the details, then, to create each time styling different! If you're out of the house from morning to night, for example, you just need to change only a few small items to vary your set office. 

Bags are the most truthful identity card of a woman, tell of her style without lying and contain the most intimate and personal. A treasure chest, much smaller (or larger), from which it is impossible to separate.
Here You will have the Best selection 

Large, over the shoulder or carried by hand, rigid or very soft nappa or suede. Or tiny and compact, clutch version, Minaudiere or clutch. Evening, day or work. And if every woman has her favorite, no that does not want at least one new model per season. Tidestore will find plenty to choose from. How to navigate the many proposals available? First, by identifying the size, style and occasion of use. To then focus on materials and any prints or patterns. If you are looking for the perfect bag to wear with your cocktail dresses, preferably choose a mini model, as a sachet, a baguette or a compact clutch. Bring your own hand, but even better if embellished with a retractable shoulder strap or a bracelet to put on your wrist. Tip of elegant colors and dark or on neutral tones and bright skins lamé, glitter and crystals that give a precious touch to evening look.

To make your look even more attractive and glamorous can not miss the beautiful women's jewelry. A jewel is able to enhance any look, even the most serious and simple, with a touch of light, color and elegance. A gold or silver necklace is perfect to carry on a simple black dress or an elegant evening to accompany your look shirt and pants office. The look of a woman in a hurry can not miss a pair of earrings, with or pendant, to make the face brighter and more cheerful. Like all women too will have a jewel like, maybe that given by her boyfriend or husband for an anniversary or a family heirloom. Besides that I will keep with care, Get Creative in other jewels less sentimental value but of great impact made by the best fashion designers.

How to transform your style with a touch of a diva? Simple: just a pair of sunglasses, the only accessory that can give every woman an aura of mystery and fascination. And an incredible sense of brazen confidence!

From the classic aviator teardrop to the latest trend with masks super lightweight aluminum or forms cutting edge and original, Tidestore will find surely the sunglasses perfect for enhancing your face and your Look!

The styles that have made history remain in time and, now as then, you Can Find all the Best accessories on Tidestore!
Have a nice Day of shopping!!

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