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venerdì 13 marzo 2015

Femininity and Cheap style on Dresswe

One of the nicest things that summer brings you is the desire to be, as much as possible, in the open air, in contact with nature. It is priceless sense of freedom you feel wearing only a garment, comfortable and cool. Ideal for lovers of long, it is the long colorful dress, paired with a pair of flat sandals or wedges. Before you leave home, remember to bring with you a straw hat to shield you from the sun and a denim jacket for the cool of the evening. Are you ready to begin this beautiful summer day?
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Flowers maxi dress
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Dresswe Price: USD$ 32.39

Colors Beach Maxi dress
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The rate of femininity of a woman? Directly proportional to the height of her heels, that speak volumes about style and sex appeal. Elegant and sensual, sandals with heels, more than any other accessory, have the power to transform the look, enhance the silhouette of slender and refine. It did not have enough!

"I do not know who invented high heels, but all women love him a lot" Marilyn Monroe
Moreover there really are spoiled for choice in terms of models, shapes and heights of heels. Starting with the pumps, inevitable and true mat, are the heeled sandals by definition. Low-cut to enhance the sinuous and the instep, toe (more or less pronounced) and generally with a thin stiletto heel are perfect on elegant dresses, cocktail dresses or jeans. In the office make a more feminine suits, evening give a touch of glamor to legggings leather and sexy outfits.

Luxurious High Heels
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beautiful leaf  high heels

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