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sabato 28 marzo 2015

Selected and delicate Black little Dresses by Dressstreet

Black one shoulder

You are going to attend a special occasion and you want to make a grand entrance, then look no further because  Dressstreet  will be able to help you out. 
Do not be afraid of using pattern. As long as you like, you can use it with the right size and proportion, even dot or bar. Pay attention to accessories. Shoes and jewelry must match the whole.
If you like a particular style, whether it is a necklace or a pair of bracelets, be careful not to let it make your dress eclipsed. Tip herein is only one word: balance. The performance figures. To focus on yourself rather than fashionable dress.
Rationalization: try to make the clothes fit your body. Select the style on which there is seams to adjust and other delicate modification. The more delicate modifications, the more suitable this clothing will be!
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venerdì 13 marzo 2015

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How many times you happen to have to leave the house and not find the perfect bag for your look? It's time to make new purchases of Tbdress!
The assortment of handbags on onTbdress is really vast and products are the best brands. From the elegant clutch, perfect with an evening dress and to enclose in a small space all your weapons of seduction, to messenger bags and sports, good to be cool in their free time, Tbdress will surely find something that suits you, that types're sporty or elegant. A bag is an accessory less feminine than a dress and it is therefore very important that it is selected with care and that sings to the look and especially the personality of the wearer.
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Femininity and Cheap style on Dresswe

One of the nicest things that summer brings you is the desire to be, as much as possible, in the open air, in contact with nature. It is priceless sense of freedom you feel wearing only a garment, comfortable and cool. Ideal for lovers of long, it is the long colorful dress, paired with a pair of flat sandals or wedges. Before you leave home, remember to bring with you a straw hat to shield you from the sun and a denim jacket for the cool of the evening. Are you ready to begin this beautiful summer day?
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Flowers maxi dress
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mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Soya Fish - ordinary brand - not ordinary E-commerce

Cari followers, stasera voglio presentarvi un brand di calzature estremamente interessante, Soya fish.
L'idea Soya Fish nasce su un aereo di ritorno a Milano da Hong Kong.

Daniele Perani, designer di Soya fish, osservando il contenitore in plastica della salsa di soya a forma di pesce, comincia a pensare che quello sia il marchio perfetto per la nuova linea di sneakers che ha in mente.

Dopo poche settimane il marchio è registrato, le idee pronte a prendere forma, e la nuova avventura matura per partire.

Cosi nasce Soya Fish, ordinary brand per gioco, perché in realtà si tratta di un marchio innovativo e di ricerca per eccellenza. Uno spirito happy dalle linee personali e caratteristiche. Una fucina di progetti singolari, che aprono nuove strade formali, riferimento da seguire per i marchi commerciali, come tendenze avvenire.

Fin da subito si unisce a Daniele l’amico Andrea Biondi, funambolo della comunicazione, che trasponde in video e grafica i concetti delle collezioni e dello spirito Soya fish, aggiungendo un tassello fondamentale al progetto.
Poi dopo le prime sorprendenti collezioni, si aggiungono al progetto anche Katia e Gabriele Maritan, che con grande entusiasmo, chiudono il cerchio, aggiungendo esperienza tecnica e produttiva, quindi la possibilità di realizzare al meglio ogni nuova ricercata avventura. 

sabato 7 marzo 2015

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White, pink, light tones in pastel tones: there are colors that make us dream since childhood, and that even as adults we continue to appreciate, especially in the most romantic and important. Sometimes, in fact, a total white look can give us a hint of unique style, which does not go unnoticed among those present. You have just received an invitation for a dinner a little 'formal night of October 31, and would you like to dress in a chic and refined, with a wink to the symbolism of Halloween night in a veiled way? Why do not you let yourself be inspired then iconography classic clothing angels and princesses? Unique creations, elegant but simple, made only from the best brands on the market that will help you conquer a mise envied, and to make a good figure in the most disparate, from a cocktail to a crazy night at the disco! You choose the model that you fitting, and prepare to receive a shower of compliments!

Impalpable fabrics and refined colors: choose a chic and elegant look for a style like a real princess!

mercoledì 4 marzo 2015

Prom Dresses 2015 at

You are going to attend a special occasion and you want to make a grand entrance, then look no further because PromTimes will be able to help you out. 
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    Today I want to introduce Topswedding an online store of wedding products retailer, offering branded and own label product lines across wedding day- including wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry, veils and boleros - and party dresses, including prom dresses, Cheongsam, cocktail party & evening dresses.
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    If you’re planning to attend a spring or summer event and want to add a pop of bright color or possibly soft florals to your outfit mix, there’s a dress in every length, hue, pattern and shape to complement you. And if it’s an exuberant fall or winter wonderland theme that you're attending, you’ll come across racks upon racks of styles in rich, warm colors and luxurious fabrics. And we're all about versatility when it comes to shopping fashion, so many of our dresses are designed to transition from season to season. With the right accessories, you can change up your wedding guest dress in more ways than one.

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